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Bill recommends that you alternate between a service and a flush every 15,000-20,000 miles.  The reason for servicing your transmission is to keep fresh fluid flowing through the transmission at all times.

At All City Transmission a transmission service will consist of dropping the transmission pan and replacement of the transmission filter (if the vehicle has a serviceable filter) and then the system will be filled with fresh fluid.  There are some applications of vehicles that do not have a transmission pan and then those will be serviced by a "drain and fill" procedure.

At All City Transmission a transmission flush will still consist of the transmission service, but before the system is filled with fresh transmission fluid, the system will be flushed to rid the system of most of the old fluid and then the system will be filled with fresh fluid.

Most vehicles these days have lots of electronic components from sensors to solenoids.  And the "check engine light" is one of the only ways that these electronic components have to "talk to you" and tell you that there is a problem.  The most important thing is to not ignore these lights and not jump to replacing parts based on these lights alone.  All City Transmission recommends bringing your vehicle in for a full diagnostics to determine why the check engine light is on and what the best course of action from there should be.

We have invested in the best diagnostic equipment to recommend the best and most accurate repairs.

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